“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will do it!”

We provide these tools and knowledge for the e-patient and the e-health professional who treats the e-patients

Who we are

The e-Patient Bar is a unique innovation. Medical practice, smart clinic, community space, knowledge center, health service, charity. Each of these aims to create real e-healthcare by promoting and teaching e-patient and e-physician behavior and attitudes.

e-Patient Bar – it is time to raise the Bar

Our goal, our mission

It’s no use choosing an expensive smartwatch after a long search if it doesn’t provide reliable data. But a smartwatch that has been scientifically proven to work well is useless if it is used badly. And it’s no use for a patient who uses the right smartwatch with excellence if he can’t send e.g. the pulse rate he receives to a specialist for an opinion… The e-Patient Bar was opened to help with these issues too.

For e-Patients

The e-patient is not a self-taught analyst of his or her own health. He is not one who believes everything Dr. ChatGPT or Dr. Google tells him. A true e-patient collects data from scientifically proven smart health devices and apps and shares it systematically with the e-physician treating them. Thus, together with his/her e-doctor, he/she participates in his/her own healing. Recognizes health fake news, uses the real ones. And with this attitude, he also supports his elderly, sick relatives.

For e-Physicians

Yes, the e-physician uses remote consultation, keeping in touch with patients by e-mail. But the e-physician is more than that: he is a true partner to the e-patient, a facilitator of e-patient behavior. Although e-Patient Bar offers a working association for e-doctors, it is also a tool for Institutions and decision-makers. We achieve our goals in part by selecting valid smart health devices and apps and demonstrating their use. All these solutions form the basis of our smart clinics.

Our services

We offer profession-specific validated smart devices for e-physicians’ practice. Disease-specific applications validated by scientific publications. Telemedicine using smart devices. Prenatal care via telehealth with smart health tools. Patient support programs and pharmacological studies using valid mobile-health solutions. This is also the e-Patient Bar…

Our charity e-solutions

We are building our telemedicine smart clinics free of charge, using the results of international best practices to improve healthcare for people in need in disadvantaged areas.

For physiotherapists

If you are a physiotherapist and would like to become a trained musculoskeletal VR specialist, i.e. a virtualist, as a partner of e-Patient Bar, please contact us.