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Telemedicine/telehealth is not teleconsultation. Many people are without access to rapidly accessible healthcare, especially those living in disadvantaged areas. The telehealth program we organize for charity helps this serious problem by providing a validated smart device in the premises of sensitive municipalities, with the help of an assistant, to contact a specialist or general practitioner in the distance. The trained assistant can also test several physiological parameters with the qualified smart devices selected by us and transmit this data to the physician. In addition, it also assists the patient in remote consultation with the doctor. Based on this information, the specialist can decide whether the patient needs to be referred to another specialist or whether urgent care is required.

Our charity service in prenatal and postnatal care for people in need in disadvantaged areas is remote pregnancy care with valid smart devices. Health impairment can start fetal life and irreversible health (and later employment) disadvantages can develop. In other words, the opportunity for a healthy life is already determined at this early time. Caring for a healthy pregnancy is mostly information!

This is necessary because in a disadvantaged area in need

  • There are also often barriers to healthy pregnancy care (e.g. travel costs, difficult doctor/carer-patient relationship)
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist, nurse, and midwife’s work is made more difficult due to disadvantaged areas (e.g., difficult cooperation, poorer health literacy, lack of proper attitude)
  • If any responsible person recommends greater and more frequent attention to the pregnant woman to ensure that the health of the newborn is not adversely compromised – also can be more difficult or not at all achieved due to disadvantage

Our aim is to support the care and monitoring of healthy, high-risk (at-risk), and complicated (abnormal) pregnancies in disadvantaged areas and to support the necessary follow-up and medical/protective care throughout pregnancy – in line with the national standards for prenatal care.

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Because e-health is an ‘equal opportunity creator’!
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