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Virtual reality (VR) prescription is now available for patients in the US. A professional who selects, recommends, and monitors the use of VR treatments and programs tailored to a specific condition is called a virtualist. VR can be used successfully in the treatment of several diseases. These include – based on scientific data – depression, pain, multiple sclerosis, sarcopenia, and post-stroke rehabilitation. However, it can also be useful in health maintenance/weight management or in the treatment of obesity.

We are looking for a physiotherapist as a partner, who is interested in this area of e-health and wants to become a qualified musculoskeletal virtualist and use this method in his/her practice. It is not enough to choose the right VR game (program), the patient also needs to be professionally supervised and coached in this additional form of rehabilitation – this is what the virtualist does! We support you with the right device and help you to choose and purchase the right VR program (game) for your condition, and we help you to set up a specialized practice and provide ongoing training.

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